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Young Filmmakers Academy's  8 Week Film School is a comprehensive film studies program specifically designed for kids and teens ages 10-17. Movies are an important part of our lives and more and more kids are becoming interested in how they are made. YFA's eight week program is designed to give your child a crash course in how to create professional movies from start to finish. From screenwriting to lighting and sound, to camera work to editing, YFA's award winning instructors will guide your child through the creative process and onto a journey of artistic expression using the cinematic arts.


YFA's 8 Week Film School covers the following topics...

WEEKS 1 & 2:


Making movies is fun! But like any other area of study, you need to know the history of the subject before you can be an expert yourself. Week One  focuses on the basics of filmmaking and crew positions. We all think we know what the director does, but ever wonder what in the world a gaffer does? How about a set designer or grip?

Students will analyze film through an examination of cinematography, editing, acting, scenes, and sound to allow students to view films critically. The class is a fun way to introduce the young filmmaker to the medium.


The first step of any great movie is a great script. Writing for the screen is a different skill set than other forms of writing, and this class will focus on how to structure a great story within that format.


Focuses will include how to craft a compelling plot/story/theme, how to properly format a script by industry standards, and how to use language in a script that conveys your ideas to a director, producer, or cinematographer. Your journey to becoming a screenwriter starts here.


WEEKS 3-6:



Lights, camera, action! This portion of the course focuses on the responsibilities and workflow of the film and television director and crew, from pre-production through post-production.


Students will use cameras, learn about casting, editing, lighting and other responsibilities of a crew.


Students will study and analyze a film previously produced film scene and then learn how to create a shot for shot re-make of the scene and learn through comparison exactly what goes into producing a real Hollywood movie (minus the million dollar budget.)


WEEKS 7 & 8


When the director yells cut for the last time and shooting has wrapped, some say the real work begins.


Every great movie is only as good as its editor. This part of the course will teach the basics of video editing using state of the art software. From learning the software, the lingo, the basic concepts of editing to, adding music, special effects and filters, your child will learn how to take raw footage and turn it into a cinematic masterpiece ready for YouTube or the big screen.


Students will edit the final version of the film to be uploaded for online screening.


  • Early Winter Session: January 10 through February 28 classes will be held every Tuesday night from 6pm-8pm in our Lakewood studio located at 13535 Detroit Ave. 

  • Spring Session: April 4 through May 23 classes will be held every Tuesday night from 6pm-8pm in our Lakewood studio located at 13535 Detroit Ave. 

  • Fall Session: September 5 through October 24 classes will be held every Tuesday night from 5pm-7pm in our Lakewood studio located at 13535 Detroit Ave. 

  • Late Winter Session: November 7 through December 19 classes will be held every Tuesday night from 6pm-8pm in our Lakewood studio located at 13535 Detroit Ave. 


Classes are $299.00 per child for the 8 week program. There is a 25% discount when you enroll in all four sessions. The cost of the class includes the coursework, access to state of the art equipment and software as well as all other supplies and materials. Your child need only show up with their passion and creativity. Inspiration from our award winning instructors is included at no extra charge.

Take a look at this film made by the students of our 8 Week Program!